As Long as They Call It University

Михаил Маяцкий. Научный сотрудник, гуманитарный факультет, Лозаннский университет. Адрес: Université de Lausanne, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland. Email: mmaiatsky@gmail.com
Ключевые слова: knowledge; university; customer; managerial turn; social construction of ignorance
The author considers the pointlessness of choosing between historical models of university. Instead, he proposes to find what is happening to knowledge today and whether this is relevant for higher education. Obviously, the internet and modern communication technologies affect the character of knowledge and attitudes towards it. The decline of the nation-state means a change of the principal partner and client of science. Now it is the individual customer who determines user-friendly content and form of knowledge. University bureaucracy does its best to satisfy his desires. It is this bureaucracy, not scholars-professors, who embody university now. Current trends in knowledge and university are similar in Russia and in the West (the Bologna reform as a realization of the managerial turn), despite the high degree of corruption and plagiarism in the former.
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