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Founded in 1991, Logos is a leading Russian-language bimestrial journal on philosophy, social and human sciences and cultural studies distributed among philosophers, scholars, most important libraries in Russia and abroad. Our issues include works by (and analyses of) many of the major figures in classical and contemporary thought, including E. Husserl, M. Heidegger, L. Wittgenstein, H.‑G. Gadamer, L. Binswanger, H. Arendt, K. Schmitt, I. Wallerstein, F. Jameson, J. Derrida, S. Zizek, Q. Maillassouxetc. Logos publishes pathbreaking work on a variety of traditional and «cutting-edge» topics (democracy, Plato, Spinoza, phenomenology, but also Queer Theory, Speculative Realism, Game Studies and so forth). It is heavily cited in the general philosophical literature all over the country.


Editorial Policy


The Logos review will publish contributions of high quality in any area of philosophy, social and human sciences, as well as cross- and interdisciplinary fields. Papers submitted should display high degree of usual academic virtues (argument, structure, originality, consistency), but also be written in clear, enjoyable,elegant way, accessible to anyone not possessing detailed knowledge of its subject matter.

Logos is willing to consider submissions from coordinators of thematic clusters consisting of some/several closely-related papers (e.g. papers of a symposium). Written permission of individual authors for a joint submission of their work must be obtained.

Logos welcomes unsolicited contributions of three types: articles, book reviews and discussion notes.

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