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Author: Kyrlezhev Alexander

Kyrlezhev Alexander

Alexander Kyrlezhev — philosopher, theologian; member of the editorial board of «Continent» journal; member of the editorial board of almanac «Theological works»; scientific adviser of The Synodal Theological Commission of the Russian Orthodox Church.


Post-secular: short interpretation / Logos. 2011. № 3 (82). P. 4
annotation:  The author tries to define, what is «postsecular». It is shown that this analysis for morphological reasons is close to all similar talks concerning notions with the prefix «post-»: the basic definition of the notion could only be negative and correlational, because the notion first of all points to something which came after secular. Due to the fact that secular is defined through correlation with religious, the article analyses the whole line of three links: religious—secular—postsecular.
Keywords:  philosophy of religion, religious—secular—postsecular, secularization
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