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Author: Derrida Jacques

Derrida Jacques

is a French philosopher, theorist of literature and culture, the
founder of deconstruction, a new practice of analytical reading-writing, which
paradoxically combines the techniques of literal translation and willed interpretation
of classical texts. Author of numerous works on philosophy, politics, poetics,
aesthetics, including the essay “What is a Relevant Translation?” (2004).


If there is a place for translation. The philosophy in the national language / Logos. 2011. № 5-6 (84). P. 114-133
annotation:  In the essay Derrida examines the relationship between the French language as the national language, which became public at a certain moment, and the language of philosophy, which is a combination of a number of centrifugal forces, of dissociation risks, more importantly, of destruction, of blasting, but that does not exclude the possibility of philosophy at the same time encouraged by the state. In addition, in the analysis this dominant national language and the only official language is contrasted with other natural languages (“dead” or “alive”) that became, by the technical and historical reasons, the preferred vectors of the philosophical and technical and scientific communication: such as Latin before Descartes and Anglo-American today.
Keywords:  Descartes, “The Discourse on the Method”, French philosophy language, philosophers and the state, a pragmatic turn, democracy, untranslatability and “translation suicide” in the universal philosophy
On the Gift / Logos. 2011. № 3 (82). P. 144-171
annotation:  Discussion between Jacques Derrida and Jean-Luc Marion, which took place in the Fall of 1997 in Augustinian university of Villanova, is devoted to the question of gift: what is a gift and is it possible to think and conceptualize gift standing on phenomenological grounds. Besides participants discuss questions of negative theology and deconstruction.
Keywords:  gift, being-given, negative theology, phenomenology, saturated phenomenon, Husserl
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