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Author: Shindina Olga

Shindina Olga

PhD in Philology, Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy of Culture and Culture Studies of the Saratov State University. Address: Bldg 12, 10 Volskaya str., 410028 Saratov, Russia. E-mail:


Art and Science Discourses of the 1920s. Tynyanov and the Image of Man of Letters within the Artistic Universe of Konstantin Vaginov / Logos. 2014. № 3 (99). P. 145-164
annotation:  The article is dedicated to the mutual influence of scientific and artistic discourses of the 1920s on each other, using the example of the works of K. Vaginov and Y. Tynyanov. Vaginov’s participation in forming Tynyanov’s theory of unity and narrowness of the rhyme’s line and of rhythm as a constructive factor are emphasized in this article. The ideas of this theory were stated in Tynyanov’s Problems of Poetical Language of 1924 and were anticipated by the poetical conception of the main hero of Vaginov’s story The Cloister of Apollo, Our God. The article compares formal characteristics of these authors’ understandings of the images of a “man of letters” (Blok’s subtext), of literature, of a “thing,” and of the motives behind philological and literary work.
Keywords:  Vaginov, Tynyanov, Shklovsky, Luntz, Mandelstam, Blok, Russian formalism, man of letters, discourse, thing
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