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Author: Chernyakhovskaya Olga

Chernyakhovskaya Olga

Olga Chernyakhovskaya is a PhD student at Bamberg University (Germany).


The marginal Socrates: the theory of K. Sotonin/ Logos. 2011. № 4 (83). P. 140-154
annotation:  This article is devoted to K. Sotonin’s little-known book «Socrates: an Introduction
to Cosmetics» (Kazan, 1925). According to Sotonin, Socrates was both a sophist
and a sceptic; he was the fi rst cynic and the fi rst civilised human being, as well
as the fi rst genius. However, the author of this article shows that the book says
more about the philosophy of Sotonin than that of Socrates, to which he astutely
attributes his own ideas. The article suggests that the insolence of the ideas
and the distinctive language in which Sotonin formulates them, may have been
inspired by the bold tone used in Nietzsche’s «Birth of Tragedy».

Keywords:  Sotonin; Socrates; sophism; scepticism; cynicism; virtue; knowledge; idea of the Good; irony
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