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Author: Habermas Jürgen

Habermas Jürgen

Is a prominent German philosopher and sociologist. Author of the books «Th e Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere» (1962), «The Th eory of Communicative Action» (1981) and many others. In 2012 he published «The Crisis of the European Union: A Response».


The European Citizen: Just a Myth? / Logos. 2012. № 4 (88). P. 71-80
annotation:  The interview discusses the most recent book by Jurgen Habermas «The Crisis of the European Union: A Response». Habermas considers the possibility of re-founding the EU not as a technocratic elite-driven issue but as a result of public debates with larger participation of the citizens. He believes that the history of conflicts and reconciliations shared by European people, as well as the current economic crisis, may well serve as a resource for constructing a common political culture.
Keywords:  Europe, European Union, crisis, democracy, elites, global threats, legitimacy, human rights
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