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Author: Oustinoff Michaël

Oustinoff Michaël

is a French literary critic and theorist of translation, associate professor at the University Paris-III (Paris, France). Author of several works on the theory of translation, including the book “Translation and Communication in the Globalization Era” (2011). E-mail:


Roman Jakobson and the French translation school / Logos. 2011. № 5-6 (84). P. 35-49
annotation:  The article reviews the role of Roman Jakobson in the formation of the French school of the theory and philosophy of translation. Based on the classic article On Linguistic Aspects of Translation the author reveals that in his Slavonic studies Jakobson develops a more complex theory of translation, that goes back to the Humboldt’s ideas and to the German Romantic linguistics. This conception finds out that the translation can be considered not only as a more or less defective form of the original, but as a continuation of its existence in another form.
Keywords:  French structuralism and Russian formalism, translation of the Bible as the base of the national language, linguistic theory of translation, «total translation»
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