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Author: Ricoeur Paul

Ricoeur Paul

is a French philosopher, creator of the original version of philosophical hermeneutics. Author of numerous philosophical works, including “On Translation” (2004), in which the problem of translation is considered through the moral fi delity-treachery opposition, designed to remove the theoretical dualism of translatability-untranslatability.


Challenge and happiness of translation / Logos. 2011. № 5-6 (84). P. 148-153
annotation:  The article deals with the paradox of the interpreter subjectivity. Recognizing and accepting the irreducibility of the pair friend-or-foe to the common denominator, the translator finds its reward in recognition of the translation act dialogical status invincibility, perceiving it as a main horizon for his desire to translate. Here is the ontological challenge of translation, turning the task of translator into an agon. According to Ricoeur, in spite of the agonistic character that dramatizes the task, the translator can find happiness in the cult of the language hospitality.
Keywords:  philosophy and psychoanalysis of translation, Berman, Freud, Grundwörter, re-translation, “third text”
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