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Author: Zimovets Sergey

Zimovets Sergey

Philosopher, psychoanalyst. E-mail:


One Shade Of Facebook / Logos. 2016. № 6 (115). P. 1-20
annotation:  This article implements preliminary approaches to the analysis of the distortions of the modern era and its corresponding transformations in the field of communication. The introduction and large-scale spread of virtual social networks have resulted in implicit communication syntax that now determine not only acts of communication, but also the partial representation of agents of communication. The analytical expression of syntax, the description of its underlying code, construction methods, and descriptive dominants allow us to relate modern forms of communication with the new active emerging social order dubbed “the era of perversion.” This “cultural psychodiagnostics” uses both psychoanalytical and philosophical approaches that allow us to create, on the one hand, a set of more adequate analytical tools, and, on the other, to open up the “silent” basic structures that have “settled” in modern technologies and that are responsible for the systemic violence of the latter.
Keywords:  perversion; normopatia; sadism; exhibitionism; private; public; social networking syntax; imaginary; symbolic; communication; metarequirement
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