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Author: Azov Andrey

Azov Andrey

is a philologist, translator, researcher of history of literary translation in Soviet Russia. He graduated from the Moscow State University (faculty of philology, department of Russian language and Russian literature). Author of several journal publications, including articles in the Russian journal for translators «Mosty» («Th e Bridges»). E-mail:


Realistic translation in the history of Russian translation theory/ Logos. 2012. № 3 (87). P. 131-152
annotation:  The article presents the once popular concept of realistic translation, which was formulated in Soviet Russia in the early 1950s and was used in the power struggle between different circles of translators. It shows the origin of this concept, presents the debate over it and analyzes the transformation it underwent during the brief period it was in use. The concept of realistic translation is analyzed within the context of greater changes which took place in Soviet culture.
Keywords:  realistic translation, translation theory, history of translation in Russia
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