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Author: Sekatski Alexander

Sekatski Alexander

PhD in Philosophy, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Saint Petersburg State University. Address: 5 Mendeleevskaya liniya, 199034 Saint Petersburg. E-mail:


A field of hazard: the first invasion / Logos. 2013. № 5 (95). P. 241-263
annotation:  The article is dedicated to the role of hazard in the existential dimension. A field of hazard is treated as a general condition which is older than Nature as such, which allows us to consider this field as a set of chances (or so-called possible worlds). This is what the Greeks called “Physis” or “Cosmos”— the only world which was chosen. After the appearance of man in the world, new chances emerged in Nature, which was the main condition for human conscience, or cogito. A game is the main source of chances, and at the same it is the source of the existential human Time itself. This exact time becomes the pulse of History.
Keywords:  hazard, cosmos, time, the production of time, game, bet, chance
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