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Author: Rossman Vadim

Rossman Vadim


Capital city relocation on the agenda of modern states / Logos. 2013. № 4 (94). P. 1-14
annotation:  The article discusses the contexts and global issues involved in capital city relocation debates in different countries, the various concepts of a capital city and the peculiar patterns of these debates. The article also discusses the stakes and points of contention in these debates, their motives and hidden agendas and introduces the plan of the current issue of Logos. Capital cities’ relocations are viewed not as singular and unique experiments in urban planning and development but as social and political strategies evolving in more or less universal fashion and governed by certain laws. The author highlights the importance of capital cities as catalysts and instruments of nation-building. The article mentions different methodologies currently employed by academics and politicians proposing specific locations for new capital cities and looks at the criteria of capital cities’ effi ciency.
Keywords:  capitals, capital relocation, national and state building, federalism, primate city
The Swan Song of Capitalism / Logos. 2012. № 3 (87). P. 199-207
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