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Author: Pickering Andrew

Pickering Andrew

Emeritus Professor, Department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology, University of Exeter, Rennes dr., Amory bldg, EX4 4RJ Exeter, UK.


New Ontologies / Logos. 2017. № 3 (118). P. 153-172
annotation:  The author first discusses the paintings of Piet Mondrian and Willem de Kooning as exemplars or icons of a Modern dualist ontology and a non-Modern mangle-ish ontology, respectively. Echoing Martin Heidegger, he argues that the Mondrianesque stance (1) is associated with projects of domination, and (2) veils our true, de Kooning-like, ontological condition from us. The second example concerns the struggles of the US Army Corps of Engineers with the Mississippi River. Again, these exemplify a project of domination and control, now including scientific knowledge, that is both embedded in and conceals the flow of becoming. In the second part of the article, the author asks whether it would make a difference if humans adopted a stance of self-consciously, acting out an ontology of becoming. It is argued that it would, drawing upon examples from the arts, religion and philosophy, but seeking to draw attention especially, and contra Heidegger, to branches of science and engineering that themselves assume an ontology of becoming. He concludes with a brief discussion of a “politics of experiment” that would go with an ontology of becoming.
Keywords:  ontology of becoming; dualist ontology; symmetry; decentering
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