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Author: Nishukov Vladimir

Nishukov Vladimir

Postgraduate student at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Address: 27–4 Lomonosovsky prospekt, GSP-1, 119991 Moscow, Russia. E-mail:


The Concept of Sports / Logos. 2014. № 3 (99). P. 181-190
annotation:  The article is dedicated to the analysis of the definition of contemporary sports, introduced by Allen Guttmann in his book From Ritual To Record: The Nature Of Modern Sports. Guttman’s definition tends to be the basis for the development of a wider concept of post-sports, which is based on the principle of family resemblance. The article also looks at the problem of forming a corpus of literature dedicated to the topic of the philosophy of sports.
Keywords:  sociology of philosophy, philosophy of sports, post-sports, Allen Guttmann
Workout body / Logos. 2013. № 5 (95). P. 108-118
annotation:  This article explores specific post-Soviet bodily practices that are commonly combined in the concept of “workout center”. Various approaches of philosophy and sociology of sports are used in the analysis, and special attention is paid to the concepts of such authors as Pierre Bourdieu, Allen Guttmann, Loic Wacquant, Hans Gumbreht, Thomas Alkemeyer. “Working out” is juxtaposed with contemporary classic sports (weightlifting, bodybuilding). Unlike sports, which require continuous communication between the athlete, his partners and coaches, during “working out” this dense social field is absent. If we compare those who “work out” with those who “do sports”, the former phenomenon can be described as “post-sport”, — that is, a type of sports which, unlike the sports of modernity, are not accompanied by a fixation of social differences on the body of the athlete (as described by Alkemeyer) or by the accumulation of “body capital” (Wacquant).
Keywords:  philosophy of sports, sociology of sports, corporeity, post-sports
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