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Author: Kuznetsova Ekaterina

Kuznetsova Ekaterina

— is a philologist, post-graduate student of Moscow State University. E-mail:


Methods of Ideological Adaptation of the Translated Text: On the Translation of Ernest Hemingway’s «For Whom the Bell Tolls»/ Logos. 2012. № 3 (87). P. 153-171
annotation:  The article deals with the influence of ideological factors on the process of translation. On the example of Ernest Hemingway’s «For Whom the Bell Tolls» translated by N. Volzhina and E. Kalashnikova, the work examines various means of adapting the text to meet certain ideological requirements. Several versions of the translation made between 1941 and 1968 are analyzed. The article also looks into the variety of possible ideological adaptation strategies.
Keywords:  literary translation, ideology in translation, adaptation, censorship
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