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Author: Kittler Friedrich

Kittler Friedrich


Media of Philosophy / Philosophy of Media / Logos. 2015. № 2 (104). P. 173-188
annotation:  Friedrich Kittler is referred to as the most authoritative and celebrated contemporary European media theorist. This article is devoted to the problem of the scientific status of the media. The author, who always questioned the independent character of this discipline, looks for a way to prove that it is just an inversion of those changeable media conditions that made it possible. Kittler fundamentally criticizes traditional philosophy for its lack of attention to the technical conditions from which it originates. He states that the general notion of philosophy is more likely to be a homonym, while we should speak of many media philosophies of different periods and civilizations. In this manner, he compares two famous philosophical works, the Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas, and the Phenomenology of Spirit by Hegel, showing the way that their “pure” philosophical statements, related to the understanding of truth and the very philosophical structure of texts, are derived from the media of the time, and, what’s more, this does not depend on how they understand themselves. Kittler gives a variety of examples from the history of religion, philosophy, science, and language studies, in order to show how the history of writing, book-printing etc., makes philosophical knowledge change through the centuries. The question is not only about the genres and forms of philosophic texts, but also about their more essential features, such as their interpretative or mnemonic character. For example, he demonstrates how “Hegelian media technology had practiced the threefold literal sense of superseding (Aufheben), long before it was discovered in his philosophy.” The same logic may be seen in the way knowledge exists in the media conditions of the present day, in that it can be unconscious but “superseded.” In his view, this explains the great divide between media philosophy and the philosophy of the media themselves.
Keywords:  media philosophy; media history; media technical conditions of philosophy; books; Thomas Aquinas; Hegel; Turing machine
Мир символического — мир машины/ Logos. 2010. № 1 (74). P. 5-21
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