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Author: Kildyushov Oleg

Kildyushov Oleg


Soviet Sport Corporality as Viewed by American Cultural Theory / Logos. 2013. № 5 (95). P. 264-272
Sport as a question of philosophy: on the heuristic value of a new analitic view / Logos. 2013. № 5 (95). P. 43-60
annotation:  This article focuses on issues of the philosophy of sport institutionalization in Russia, viewed as a separate field of socio-scientific knowledge. In the beginning of the article the author reports, on the basis of several cases of first-hand experience, the rejection of sport as a “legitimate” object of theoretical reflection by a larger part of the Russian intellectual community. In the main part of the paper the author discusses various prospects for the approval of philosophy of sports as an academic discipline, first of all in the institutional and heuristic aspects. The author draws conclusions about the heuristic value of philosophical sports analysis as a unique socio-theoretical vision which is also relevant to the general theory of modernity.
Keywords:  philosophy, sport, heuristics, institutionalization, high culture, bodily practices, modernity
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