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Author: Gradinari Irina

Gradinari Irina

PhD, Research Associate at the Department of German Literature Studies and the Society for Historical Cultural Studies «Orte des Wissens’ at the University of Trier. Address: D‑54286, Trier, Universität Trier. E-mail:


Lustmord. The History of a Fantasm / Logos. 2014. № 6 (102). P. 85-106
annotation:  Sexual murder, or Lustmord is a discursive fantasm in no small part produced by cinema itself. While this term is no longer in use in criminology, its popularity in cinema has grown. This subject matter is successfully exploited in Hollywood today. Thus the enjoyment contained in the concept of Lustmord is driven by media logic. A murder and its enjoyment are possible only in the form of a visual construction which emerges dialectically from a voyeuristic atmosphere on one hand, and from estrangement made possible by film equipment and self-reflection on the other hand. The article looks at the development of Lustmord discourse since the late 19th century and analyzes the gender aspects of its current forms through examples of Hollywood movies like Psycho, The Cell, The Silence of the Lambs, and Surveillance.
Keywords:  sexual murder, Lustmord, criminal anthropology, gender identification, popular culture
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