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Author: Clover Carol J.

Clover Carol J.

PhD, Professor Emerita of Rhetoric / Film & Scandinavian at the Department of Rhetoric of the University of California, Berkeley. Address: 7408 Dwinelle Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720–2670, USA. E-mail:


Her Body, Himself: Gender in the Slasher Film / Logos. 2014. № 6 (102). P. 1-60
annotation:  This essay investigates the appeal of horror cinema, in particular the phenomenal popularity of “low” genres that feature female heroes and are supposed to play to male audiences. The question addressed in this essay is why, in these films, which are supposedly principally aimed at male spectators, are the surviving heroes often female characters. The author argues that these films are designed to align spectators not with the male tormentor, but with the female tormented—with the suffering, pain, and anguish that the “final girl,” as Clover calls the victim-hero, endures before rising to finally vanquish her oppressor. The essay demonstrates that throughout the course of the film spectators have an ironic shift in gender affinity.
Keywords:  horror cinema, gender identification, final girl, victim-hero
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