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ISSN 0869-5377
Author: Bligne Romain

Bligne Romain

Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Faculté des lettres de Brest (Histoire). Address: 3 Rue des Archives, 29238 Brest, France.


The Skull of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Scientific Evidences / Logos. 2013. № 6 (96). P. 115-122
annotation:  In his article the author tries to analyze critically the role of evidence in the scientific knowledge of the Enlightenment. The author presumes that some scientific problems can be understood much better if we understand them in their own historical contexts rather than according to their logic. This hypothesis is demonstrated using the case of Rousseau’s mortal remains, their identification and the assignment of cause of death by numerous experts and famous scientists over the course of several decades.
Keywords:  Rousseau, critical method, forensic medical expert examination Science Academy, forensic anthropology, scientific knowledge, evidence
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