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Enemy at the Gates. Soviet Goalkeeper: Cinema, Culture, Politics

Author: Apostolov Andrey

About author:
Postgraduate at Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, Lecturer at the Higher School of Television of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Address: Bldg 51, 1 Lomonosovsky prospekt, Moscow 119992, Russia. E-mail:

This article is an attempt to reconstruct the metaphorphosis of the image of the goalkeeper in Soviet and post-Soviet culture. The author develops the following aspects of the theme: 1) historical and political reasons for the emphasis on the goal-keeper in the sports hierarchy, 2) connectivity of the cultural pragmatics of representation in art and sport realities, 3) the striking features of the Soviet sports comedy, 4) militaristic connotations of sports drama, 5) the transformation of goal-keeper topics in the context of cyclic change of culture one and two. The starting point of analysis is the classical image of the “cold goalkeeper” by Anton Kandidov from the movie Goalkeeper and the novel Goalkeeper of the Republic.

Keywords: goalkeeper, border, war, sports culture, Kandidov, Yashin

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