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Can We Get Our Materialism Back, Please?

Author: Latour Bruno

About author:
PhD in Sociology, Professor and Vice President of Research at the Sciences Po Paris. Address: 27 rue Saint-Guillaume, 75337 Paris, Cedex 07, France. E-mail:

Technology is epistemology’s poor relative. It still carries the baggage of a definition of matter handed down to it by another odd definition of scientific activity. The consequence is that many descriptions of “things” have nothing “thingly” about them. They are simply “objects” mistaken for things. Hence the necessity of a new descriptive style that circumvents the limits of the materialist (in effect idealist) definition of material existence. This is what has been achieved in the group of essays Thick Things for which this note serves as an afterword.

Keywords: ontology of artifacts, philosophy of technology, materialism, idealism, definition of matter, primary and secondary qualities

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