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Debates among Professionals: Competitiveness and Rejection of Research Programmes within Contemporary Philosophy


About author:
PhD, Associate Professor, Head of the School of Cultural Studies of National Research University Higher School of Economics. Address: 21/4 Staraya Basmannaya str., 105066 Moscow, Russia. E-mail:

This paper focuses on debates in contemporary philosophy and on the productiveness of these debates. The article brings forth two main theses: firstly, debates in philosophy quickly lead to the elimination of poorly substantiated positions and unfounded research programs; secondly, the coexistence of fundamentally incompatible philosophical programs stimulates their development—that is, incompatibility brings about productive professional competition in philosophy. To substantiate these claims the author analyzes two notorious debates of the late 19th and early 20th century: Hermann Ebbinghaus’s critique of Wilhelm Dilthey’s descriptive psychology, and Moritz Schlick’s one-way discussion of the phenomenological project and Edmund Husserl’s works.

Keywords: debates in philosophy, descriptive psychology, phenomenology, logical positivism, Dilthey, Ebbinghaus, Husserl, Schlick

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