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Lessons from around the world for Moscow governance in a global metropolitan age


About author:
PhD in Political Science, Director of the Wilson Center’s Program on Global Sustainability and
Resilience and Senior Advisor to the Center’s Kennan Institute.
Address: 1300 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C. 20004–3027, USA.

The author analyzes different city management models for accommodating metropolitan growth that have emerged in various global regions and argues that there are lessons to be learned from each. He notes that the rapid growth of (mega)cities means that developing new management strategies for metropolitan regions is imperative for sustaining healthy, liveable, and productive metropolitan regions in the future. Among the most important lessons learned from this experience have been the need (a) to distinguish among levels of government in allocating urban management tasks; (b) to appropriate adequate financial resources to support assigned duties and responsibilities; and (c) to empower citizens and promote civic participation in decision-making. Ultimately, international experience has demonstrated that the successful metropolitan management depends on the legitimacy of institutions.

Keywords: urban inequality, decentralization, metropolisation, capitals, Moscow, megapolises, capital government, city management

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