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Center and pereiphery: between growth and development


About author:
PhD, Professor of the Social Philosophy chair at the Department of Philosophy of the Ural State University.
Address: K-83, 51 Lenin Ave., 620083 Ekaterinburg, Russia.

In her article the author draws a parallel between some globalization theories that blurs over the inevitability of uneven development of world regions and Russian discursive output, i.e. those narratives that legitimate the extension of uneven development within the country. The non-proportional share in growth of capital–center comparing to other regions should be somehow explained to people or suppressed. As a result those arguments to explain the uneven world development are used for interpretation of proccesses within Russia. Based on publications of 2010–2012 years the author shows the infiltration of uneven development topics to online media and social networks debates combined with age-old aspirations of cultural unity of the country. Discussing the political details of the center–periphery relations connects with capitalness/provinciality discourse. Those discussions include some elements of neoliberal logic—accusing the victims of structural contradictions in their own problems.

Keywords: center–periphery relations, regional inequality, capital and province, globalization theory, cultural entrepreneurship, uneven development

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