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Planning and implementing capital cities. Lessons from the past and prospects for intelligent development in the future: the case of Korea


About author:
PhD, Professor of Geography and of Urban and Regional Planning at the Department of Geography of the Michigan State University.
Address: 124 Geography Building, East Lansing, Michigan 48824–1117, USA.

Focusing on the case study of South Korea, the author argues that engineering megaprojects associated with capital city shift s require systematic strategic planning, meticulous research, construction and discussion of the alternative development scenarios and preparation of wide public debate of the topic. The article argues that even the projects that are not very popular could be relatively effective in achieving their goals povided that they are well planned in advance. Th e author argues that the choice of a new capital should take into account the prospect of the future political reunification of the Korean peninsula. The establishment of separate administrative, legislative and cultural capitals might be a viable option for new Korea.

Keywords: capital relocation, intelligent development, multifunctional administravite city, strategic planning, Corea, Seul

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