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The changing role and identity of capital cities in global era


About author:
PhD in urban planning Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning of the University of Michigan.
Address: 2000 Bonisteel Boulevard, Ann Arbor MI 48109–2069, USA.

This paper reports on the early results of a longer comparative project on capital cities. Specifi cally, it examines the changing role of national capital cities in this apparent global era. Globalization theory suggests that threats to the monopoly power of nation-states and the rise of a transnational network of global economic cities are challenging the traditional centrality of national capital cities. Indeed, both the changing status of nationstates and the restructuring world economy will reshuffl e the current hierarchy of world cities, shift the balance of public and private power in capitals, and alter the current dominance of capitals as the commercial and governmental gateway between domestic and international spheres. However, claims in globalization theory that a new transnational system of global cities will make national boundaries, national governments and national capitals superfl uous, albeit theoretically provocative, are arguably both ahistorical and improvident.

Keywords: capitals, global cities, nation state, Berlin

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