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Plato among moscovite «lovers of wisdom»

Author: Tiheev Uriy

About author:
Yury Tikheev (born in 1963 г.), PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy, Moscow Institute of Physics and technology.

The paper aims to explore the reception of Plato in early 19th century Russian
philosophy. Special attention is paid to the circle of Moscow’s young intellectuals
who called themselves «lovers of wisdom» («liubomudry»). From Germany,
they adopted the idea to revitalize Greek philosophical thought, the greatest
representative of which was Plato. In their own writings on Plato (including
academic ones) they revealed themselves mostly as dilettantes. Their interests
were focused on the romantic portrayal of Plato, while philological and
philosophical methods widely used in contemporary European platonic studies
were almost entirely ignored by them.

Keywords: Plato; liubomudry (lovers of wisdom); Kireevsky; Odoevsky; Koshelev; Shevyrev

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