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Introduction to the postsecular philosophy

Author: Uzlaner Dmitry

About author:
lecturer at the chair of philosophy and cultural studies at Russian State Medical University; works at the «Russian journal»; member of the Centre for Theology and Philosophy at Nottingham university (UK).

By postsecular we usually understand sociological and political problem, f. e. postsecular society. This article is devoted to the analysis of philosophical dimension of postsecular, without which all social or political discussions concerning postsecular would become impossible and groundless. The author examines double turn in the intellectual space of the 21st century: theological turn in philosophy and philosophical turn in theology. Then we see the analysis of the notion «secular» and besides of the transformations which await philosophy of religion during current postsecular stage. In the end we see the sketch of how postsecular philosophy and postsecular «frame of mind» could look like.

Keywords: postsecular, postsecular society, Habermas, Milbank, secular, philosophy of religion, theology and philosophy

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