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Is a fi lm director, movie reviewer and screenplay writer. He is the author of more than 30 documentaries. He has written the novel «The night from Monday to Friday» (2010). E-mail:

This article undertakes the comparative analysis of text (post) on the social networks LiveJournal, Facebook and Twitter. The author makes an attempt to look at social networks from Niklas Luhmann’s system’s point of view. The article asks the following questions: what is Facebook as a communicative system? What is text in this social network in terms of it’s predictability and information value? How does Facebook with its limited means of text responding (two buttons only — «Like» and «Share») change our worldview and affect our perception of text. The article examines the hypothesis, that the current polarization of society is a result of our sustained existence on the territory of social networks, that excludes sophisticated expression.

Keywords: Facebook, communication, Yuri Lotman, Niklas Luhmann, «Like» button, smiley, predictability of text

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