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Political Decisionism


About author:
Is a German philosopher and student of Heidegger. In 1934, because of his Jewish descent, he had to leave the Nazi Germany. After returning from emigration he taught at Heidelberg University. His main research interests lied in the field of philosophy of history. His main works are: ‘Meaning in History: The Theological Implications of the Philosophy of History’ (1949), ‘From Hegel to Nietzsche’ (1964).

The article critically analyses Carl Schmitt’s concept of decisionism. On a number of examples it demonstrates the ‘polemic’ nature of his main concepts, which are the result of the deliberate opportunism of this ‘crown lawyer’ of The Third Reich, who repeatedly changed his positions during the short history of the Weimar republic. The author concludes on the fundamental occasionalism of Schmitt’s the thought, whose decisions always hung on political circumstances and who eventually disqualified himself as a credible scientist by his intellectual serving of the Nazi regime.

Keywords: occasionalism, decisionism, neutralization, romanticism, theology, nihilism, dictatorship, friend-enemy distinction, political being, forms of existence, war

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