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Benjamin is no match for Schmitt, or the Agamben’s Mistake

Author: Chubarov Igor

About author:
Is a philosopher and historian of philosophy, researcher at the Institute of Philosophy at the Russian Academy of Science, member of the Center for Modern Philosophy and Social Sciences at Moscow State University. He is the author of several works on contemporary and early Soviet proletarian art, history of Russian philosophy, theories of violence, theory of machines and media theory. E-mail:

‘Dangerous liaisons’ of the left and right-conservative discourse have been discussed widely by different thinkers of the 20th century. Most sharply this issue rung in the context of long standing debates between the left esoteric Walter Benjamin and the conservative utopist Carl Schmitt. Based on the texts of Benjamin and Schmitt of the 20s and 30s focused on a range of issues such as sovereignty, state of emergency or violence and language, the author exposes the irreducibility of the positions of these two thinkers and their fundamental political, metaphysical and ethical alternativeness. The article critically analyses the approaches of famous modern day researchers to the theme referred to (Agamben), conditioned by their preconceived political. theological and metaphysical convictions.

Keywords: origins of law, sovereignty, state of emergency, affect, violence

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