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Socrates in Spartan Camouflage

Автор: Svetlov Roman

Информация об авторе:
Professor, Dean, Faculty of Philosophy, Theology, Religious Studies, Russian Christian Academy for Humanities. Address: 15 Fontanka River Emb., 191023 Saint-Petersburg, Russia. E-mail:

The article judges biographical evidence of Socrates, describing some particularities of his visage and behavioral manner. On the basis of evidence by Aristophanes, Xenophontes, Plato and others the author comes to the conclusion that Socrates’ behavior and image are stylized to the Spartans character. “Le Mirage Spartiate” and Socrates’ biographical testimony are compared. The parallels drawn allow to discuss nonverbal determination of the philosophic temper as a subject of the History of Philosophy.

Ключевые слова: ancient philosophy; Socrates; Sparta; nonverbal aspect of phi¬losophy

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